What APItoshi can bring you?


SegWit supported in P2SH-compatibility mode and bech32 Native mode. Segwit was a massive upgrade to the Bitcoin Protocol released in 2017. You will find all wallets with SegWit enabled by default.


APItoshi provides a dashboard with a user-friendly interface from which you can easily integrate the API into your applications and track statistics about the operation you perform (time, amount, frequency, most profitable items, etc).

Full encryption

Data is encrypted using AES 256-bit algorithm and an encryption key given by the user. APItoshi uses the 256-bit to do symmetric encryption and integrity checks, and RSA is not used any further for that connection.

No Custodial

APItoshi is a modular product that let users running the no-custodial module to allow self-sovereignty of their keys. This is a more advanced feature for experimental users that already have experience with lightning node management.


Different system development kits to bring APItoshi features from game development frameworks to e-commerce platforms seamlessly using a simple key. SDKs are fully open source available at GitHub.


APItoshi is a modular tool. This allows your application to easily integrate specific functionalities and build new ones on top of the modules. Modularity provides this way a great level of customization.



Apps built on top of APItoshi


APItoshi comes with a module that brings a lightning OAuth-based system built with digital signatures and bitcoin public keys. This login system allow you to avoid requiring sensitive personal data like email addresses during the user authentication process and it takes a few seconds login users.

Smart Bound

APItoshi Smart Bound brings an inter-operability to connect with other chain services using Bitcoin as the native fuel for APItoshis modules. Therefore, you can implementation smart contracts on the Lightning Network in a matter of minutes. This brings payments automatization that only occur under certain conditions, stream payments on predetermined time intervals that trigger other events once a payment is received. Such as bringing NFTs to lightning or automate chain processes through lightning triggers.


A bitcoin payment processor built on top of APItoshi that brings a Point of Sale application ready to integrate on e-commerce platforms. The payments module takes advantage of bitcoin’s newest payment protocol and to bring instant transactions and extremely low fees.

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